Saturday, January 15, 2011

precious boy

Kaden has been asking me every day at naptime and every night at bedtime if I will lay with him so he won't be lonely. The other day, after our stories we lay down together in the covers. He pulled all of his little animals up with us so they wouldn't have to be lonely either. I traced my fingers over his face and in his hair. I tickled his back. Then he traced my face and said "I love you, Mama" a thousand times. I sang him a little song and thought he had drifted to dreamland. I stopped singing and he picked up where I left off, making up his own song. He sang about Jesus riding the train and meeting Santa and bringing us Christmas. He sang about loving his mommy and daddy and baby brother. He sang himself to sleep and I couldn't help but just lay by him and watch him. He is so perfect.


Tomber's Heaven said...

THat is so sweet.

Lolee said...

You two had better have at least 5-10 more kids. Your genetic combination produces the world's CUTEST kids:)