Saturday, January 22, 2011


We've had a bit of a rough week around here. The boys both got sick and it really knocked them for a loop. Beckham had a high fever and acted miserable for days and ended up with an ear infection. Kaden had a fever and coughed to no end. Things are finally starting to get better. I hate it when they are sick. I feel so bad for them and this time they really seemed so miserable. I know Kaden is really sick when he doesn't even want to play. He was so sad about not feeling well. He kept saying, "Mama, when am I ever going to feel better?" One night he just laid on his bathroom floor by the heater crying that he wanted to feel better. His nose was so runny, chapping his face and he said over and over, "Mama, why do my boogers just keep coming and coming and coming and coming?!" It was so cute. Thankfully, somehow Matt and I seemed to dodge the bug. I did have to miss some work, which tends to be tricky and I feel so torn between my responsibilities and priorities and I hate that feeling. I'm glad that I chose to stay home with the kids. I know when I am sick, I just want my mom.

I got a few cute shots of Becks in the tub last Sunday when we stayed home from church. I gave him a bath and then we just cuddled under my heated blanket. That boy finds his way into my heart like I just can't explain.

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