Thursday, March 24, 2011

let's make it a tradition

Last weekend Jamie and I ran in the Canyonlands Half Marathon in Moab. This is the fourth time I've done the race, the second time with Jamie. I went alone this year--sans husband and kids. I missed seeing them at the end, but it seemed easier for everyone if I just went. We stayed in little cabins and it was a fun, short but sweet, trip. The temperature was perfect, about 65 degrees and overcast, although I could have done without the crazy headwind.

Last year we completely froze our little butts of up the canyon, so this time we waited until the last possible second to get on the bus. It paid off.

I look like I should still be sleeping. That's nothing a few snickers bars can't fix! I have decided that is the breakfast of champions. Not that I am one, but I'd choose snickers over wheaties any day. I think from now on that is my pre (and post) race food of choice.
I look like a giant albino next to my half-mexican-funsize friend. Jamie and I ran together the entire way. I loved it. We kept each other on pace and encouraged each other. We finished together too, which we've never done before and that felt awesome.
It was so fun running into Matt's cousins Dane and Tanner and their cute wives! I saw them three different times and it was such a nice surprise. It was pretty random since there are over 4,000 runners. They are so cute and I LOVE that picture of Dane and Stacy.
Our official chip time was 1:52 which I am pretty happy about. For the first race of the year without training much that isn't too shabby. It's crazy how many different things you think and feel through a race. I don't think I have ever felt as good as I did in this race. The first six miles felt great and I felt like I could have gone forever. After 8, which is usually where I start to fatigue, it felt a little harder, but still pretty good. It's always around mile 11 where I start to question my sanity and think over and over "I hate this!". Then, the second I cross the finish line I am so relieved and happy and within minutes feel so proud and ready to sign up for another one. It's weird and crazy, definitely crazy, but so rewarding!

I guess after running for 2 hours in the crazy wind, with watery sunscreen filled eyes, doesn't make for the best photo-op. My eyes watered the entire time, which they always do in the wind, but then my sunscreen somehow managed to get in there and I think I ran half the race with my eyes practically shut.
We did it and felt like rockstars. (My little volleyball/soccer looking socks are actually compression sleeves that I thought would help my injured leg, but tried them both just to see. My legs have never felt better during and after a race. I am totally sold.) Jamie is getting surgery on her ankle in a few weeks and I am really going to miss my running buddy.


gin said...

Jess,Tell me about your socks. Are those compression socks?
I love the always look cute!

Brooke and Mike said...

Way to go! You are so amazing and way more motivated to run than I could ever be : ) How fun that you saw some cousins too! Send our love to your boys!

Traci Barnes said...

OK, you are a rockstar!!! I guess we will have to count you as the athlete in the family. Let me know when you sign up next year. I think Gabe would like to do it. Congrats - you looked awesome and energetic at the end! Unbelievable.