Monday, April 4, 2011

my best friend is a super model

and she's getting MARRIED!! I am just so excited. I almost feel like I am getting married or something. I can't wait. I am so happy for her and so happy that she and Justin finally decided to just do this thing! They are so good together and I feel like I am getting a big brother. Justin is wonderful and I couldn't think of enough good things to say about him.

They are getting married at the end of the month and I can't wait. I feel like I have been planning this moment my whole life. Oh wait, never mind, I'm not the one getting married. But still, it's just so dang exciting!

Oh, and they are obviously going to have very good looking children. Hogging all the good genes there, I tell ya.


grant + brittany said...

they are way cute. and you are so cute with how excited you are for her. i remember a comment from you on the blog long ago that said something about how true friends are hard to find and don't come often enough and i couldn't agree more. you two seem like such great friends.

so about kaden looking ten years old in the post below..... hello! what happened! beckham is so freaking cute in those pictures too.

Lolee said...

I think those two will win the award for shortest engagement!! I am so excited for Andrea!! I hope you get to go to the Temple with her for her endowments and then the ceremony and everything:) I need to send her a toaster ASAP!

gin said...

I am so happy for Andrea and you too, of course!
I have to say the both of you are VERY pretty girls!

k8e said...

YAY! This post pleases me! I hope we get to actually see each other at the wedding. And yes, I'm inviting myself! :o)

Lisa and Rustin said...

YAY!!! Just had a flash back of health science classes with the two of yous!!`

Kara said...

Their pictures are amazing! So excited for Andrea too and happy they are finally getting married!