Saturday, September 17, 2011

i just can't narrow them down

Today was so perfect. It felt like fall; it was crisp and cool. The colors are already changing. I swear it happened overnight. It's been so hot (for here) this summer with nearly no rain. Just this last week it started raining and cooling off like crazy. I am loving it. I went to the farmer's market and felt like I was in Heaven. I brought back some seriously delicious stuff. I can't wait for our garden next year.

I took the kids to the park and I think it ranked up with some of the very best days we've had together all year. At first I was trying to keep them clean and dry, but soon discovered it was going to be impossible. Plus, I remember being a kid--the mud and water are some of the most fun toys on earth. The boys were happy. So happy. I was so glad to have my camera with me. I have been such a slacker lately and the pictures I captured today make up for it. I couldn't sort through them, they are all just so precious to me. Watching Kaden run a million miles a minute, seeing Beckham able to explore and wander like any 2-year-old does. It was a whole new experience for him and he was thrilled. I caught some of hte most priceless expressions. These little faces are the things I want to remember. These pictures of Kaden running, splashing, laying in the mud--those are the things I want to think about in 5, 10, 40 yrs...

Kaden made about 15 "sand angels". I dumped so much sand out of his shoes, his socks, his underwear...I have no idea how it all fit in there.
Look at my little boy walking around like it ain't no thing. He is like a new person with so much freedom and confidence. He is so happy and curious. I love seeing him discover and learn new things.
He is so beautiful.

He got up smiling and giggling and continued splashing in the water. I dumped a crazy amount of sound out of his clothes too....and I had to wash their car seats. I even found plenty of sand in my bra. We were a complete mess. A happy, muddy, sandy, wet mess.
I love days like this. I think they are my very, very favorite. Days that are completely unplanned. Days we let unravel as they will. We don't worry about messing up our hair or our clothes. We don't worry about late naps. We do what we want, when we want. I love being a mom. I love it so much I can hardly stand it. Seeing those kids so happy and full of joy made my heart nearly explode. That happy feeling was almost palpable and I know that days like today are the ones that I will remember forever.


Tyrell said...

I LOOOOOOOOVE these pictures! I swear Everett looks like this all day long!... mud, dirt everywhere! You're such a great mom! I'm sure Kaden will remember this day for a long time. I remember one 4th of july when my dad let us play in the irigation ditch (fully clothed). We got so muddy and discusting but it was so fun and one of my favorite memories.

Lacy said...

You are an awesome mom! These two little boys are lucky to have you. Im glad you let them be boys. I worry that i'll have a harder time letting Garret and future babies just get crazy messy because as I was looking at your pictures I just kept thinking that must have been a beast to cleanup. You'll have to teach me how to be better. Im glad it was such an awesome day!