Monday, September 26, 2011

i've been anxiously anticipating these...

I was so excited when I went to get the boys after a day at work and my mom showed me these precious drawings Kaden did. I have been anticipating his first self-portrait. I really couldn't wait to see what his impression would be, the way he'd create a person on a page. How would he draw the fingers? What would the expression on the face be?

The other day he was assigned homework requiring him to draw pictures of his favorite activities from the summer. He actually cried because he thinks he doesn't know how to draw. We do a lot of painting, coloring, and other crafty projects, but we really haven't spent much time freehand drawing. He said, Mama, I just can't draw cause it's too hard and I don't know bones are too small. It took me days to convince him that he could draw a picture for his homework and it would be perfect just the way he did it. It was really cute when he finished.

Nana worked with him. She showed him how to draw little animals and people. When I saw these I laughed and smiled and I absolutely adore them and cherish them. I am so happy to have his very first self-portraits copied and saved forever.

I love the wild hair in the first one, and the second reminds me of Jack skeleton. These are so precious to me.

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