Friday, December 30, 2011


Kaden got to go to school on his fifth birthday.  He was so excited to wear pajamas and have a party.  I brought the cupcakes we had made the night before and he was so proud to be able to share with his friends.  Beckham was in Heaven eating "tuptapes" while Kaden was off at school.  That evening we had a really mellow little party with our family and Nana and Papa.   The other day Kaden realized, "Hey Mama, my birthday and Christmas are over for a really, really, really, really, very, very long time.  I'm a little bit sad 'bout that."  I remember that feeling when I was young, but I feel bad for him that his birthday is so close to Christmas.  I will just have to work a little harder at making his day special.  He is such a sweetheart.

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grant + brittany said...

i can just hear "really really really very very" and "sad bout' that". what a cutie.

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