Tuesday, December 20, 2011

happy birthday

My baby turns five today. I really can't believe it.  How did this sweet little bundle grow to be 5-years-old already? I feel like this has been the fastest five years of my life, and the best five years too.  Five seems like such a big deal.  It seems like more of a milestone than any other age, so far.  He is old enough for school now and that nearly breaks my heart. I am so excited for him because I know he is going to take the world by storm.  He is social and life-loving and ready for the next step.  I'm not.  I was looking through pictures of him throughout the years and remembering little things about him.  How he sounded, acted, what his favorite food, toy, thing was at that certain time. It was bitter-sweet.  I truly have loved every age.  I love how he is now.  It hit me the other day like a ton of bricks--there is no baby left in him, no toddler left, no tiny little kid; he is a little boy.  He has a personality all his own, his own ideas, his own quirks, his own vocabulary.  He is his own little person.  I love this stage.  I love our funny conversations, his tender heart, his smile that takes up his entire face, his energy that cannot be contained, his heartfelt prayers, his kisses and hugs, his perfection.   He is my prayer baby and I am so grateful for the light he brings into my life.  I love him more than can ever be expressed in words and I would do anything for him.  My baby is five.

Happy Birthday to my sweet little man.

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