Wednesday, December 28, 2011

tickets please!

 A few weeks before Christmas we got a special trip on the Polar Express. My brother works on the train and was firing that night.  He got us on, for free, in the nicest car.  It was lit up beautifully, we got free mugs, and were treated like VIPs.  It was magical.  When we got there and were waiting for the train it was snowing.  It was just the perfect ambiance for our night together.
When the train first arrives, it pulls forward in a giant cloud of steam with the song from the movie.  It is such a happy moment, seeing all of the kids in their pajamas jumping up and down, so excited they can't contain it.The ride is special.  The chefs come in complete costume, the conductor punches the tickets, and the story is played on the ride up to the North Pole while we eat cookies and drink hot chocolate.  Santa comes on the train and talks to each child, giving them a bell.  On the trip back we sing carols.  Our chefs were so cute and hilarious.  They led us in song, singing their hearts out, dancing, and had the car in laughs the entire way.  It was like 30 minutes of terrible group singing, akin to the way the birthday song always turns out.  It was so fun. I laughed so hard and they kids loved it.
The Polar Express is mostly for the kids, but I had every bit as much fun as they did.  I loved every single second. 

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