Tuesday, July 3, 2012

his tender heart makes mine melt

Colorado is on fire everywhere.  It is so sad.  We have had thick smoke for over a month, hazing everything and hanging low.  In the morning our house smells like we had a campfire inside.  I am trying not to complain about the sore throat and burning eyes, but to be grateful that we are safe and people are working really hard to get everything under control. 

The other day the smoke was particularly bad.  We were in the car and Kaden piped up from the back seat, "Mama, the smoke is everywhere and it is making me sad.  I am sad everything is burning up and I wish it was raining."

I told him that he should talk to Heavenly Father about it.  Instantly, he closed his eyes and folded his little arms, "Heavenly Father, please rain on all of the fires so the smoke can go away and our noses won't be stuffy anymore and people's houses won't burn up."  When he was finished he happily said, "Mama, you know what He said?!....He said 'Of Course!'".  I told him, "well of course He did, Buddy."

That's my boy.

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ethan & nathalie said...

your kids are pretty stinkin' cute!!!