Thursday, July 5, 2012

i live here!

My mom and I took a beautiful hike last weekend.  The sky was hazy with smoke, but everything else around us was perfect.  I was happy-happy hiking with my best-friend-mom and my smiling dog. I love experiencing the grandeur of the mountains, but noticing the intricate beauty of the tiny flowers and growth right on the ground.  I am grateful to live in such a beautiful place. I am grateful to have a healthy body that allows me to explore and experience the amazing things nature constantly offers.

You can't go on an adventure without an adventure.  When we got back to our car we noticed that another vehicle parked had two extremely flat tires.  We felt so bad for them! It's a 30 minute drive back down to the main road. We got in our car for about 2 seconds and my mom jumped out just to check her tires, just in case.  What do you know, one was flat.  We were about to put the dinky doughnut tire on and I was thinking in my mind that the tiny sad excuse for a tire would never get us down the extremely bumpy, rocky, windy, rutty road.  My mom's face lit up when she remembered the alien-bubbly-foamy-fix hole-fill up your tire stuff she had.  I looked at the little can with the tiny hose and I just did not see how this would ever work.  I hate not knowing how things specifically how. (I can hardly handle magic shows.) How will that foam travel up the tire, seal the hole around the screw, and fill the tire up with air.  It just made absolutely made no sense.  We tried it and had high hopes.

We took turns pushing down the nozzle, watching the bubbles go through the tube and into the tire.  Nothing seemed to be happening.  We used almost all of the can and I thought maybe, just maybe the tire was a tiny bit more full.  We got in and hoped for the best.  We started driving down the road and I said, "Mom, how awesome is it going to be when we look at the tire and it's totally full, like it just swells right up."  Totally reminded me of this hilarious joke (the tire part is in the first 45 seconds).  I was joking, but when we pulled over after a few miles the tire was totally inflated!  Imagine how annoyed I was that I couldn't figure out exactly how that happened.  It was so weird, and so awesome. I am totally buying a few of those alien cans.

I took some pretty pictures.  Something strange is going on with my lens, it's just not working right and I am sad.  My pictures are just off and I am too lazy to figure it out and most likely too poor to fix it. :)  I will continue to take too many out-of-focus pictures though.

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