Thursday, September 20, 2012

becks and daddy

When Matt comes home he is such a good sport.  His legs are so tired and his feet are always hurting.  No matter how he is feeling, he always comes in the door with a huge smile on his face and greets the family with hugs, kisses, and genuine happiness.  He treats us like he's been excited to see us all day.  He is always happy to help me or play with the kids.  Even if sometimes the playing looks like this:
I love these sweet pictures.  I love how Matt is lying on the floor and Beckham is so happy.  Besides, that's the way Becks usually plays anyway.  Matt is such a sweet and loving Daddy and I am so grateful for that.
And this is what Beckham does when he listens to music.  No matter how loud or soft it is, he likes to cover his ears and often closes his eyes. Maybe he feels it more that way....

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