Friday, September 28, 2012

our day

I'm pretty sure Beckham has been ready to potty train for nearly a year.  He totally knows when he needs to go, he goes off to hide, asks to be changed, etc.  I have been putting it off because, despite wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt, I knew how he would react to the potty.  He didn't like it one bit.  He slowly warmed up to it the first day and even had a few successes.  As we persisted though, he resisted.  He had an accident and cried and cried.  This is the kid who has a meltdown if one drop of milk spills from his spoon while eating cereal....just imagine how he acted when his legs and pants were wet!  If I asked him if he needed to go, or even said anything relating to underwear, the potty, etc., he got a smug look and turned the other way like I hadn't said anything.  Or, he would change the subject and talk to me about Mightming Matween.
Instead of pushing him and traumatizing him, we are going to give it a little break and try again in a month or two.  This little man is a stubborn one!  We did have a fun day together, even though our (MY) actual goal didn't get accomplished.
How does Becks feel about potty training???.....

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Jen and Allen said...

Love the expression on the last one.