Friday, September 21, 2012

he's flying

I have a kindergartner.  My little man is a kindergartner! I don't know where this time has gone, but it has flown by too fast.  I've been so excited for Kaden to start school.  I am so happy for him because he is ready, absolutely ready.  He is ready to take this new world by storm.  He has been excited all summer, and when he learned it was August he asked me "what number of the day is it?" every day.  He just could not wait to start on this new adventure.  He's a social butterfly and ready to make a gaggle of new friends.  He loves adults and couldn't wait to be best friends with his new teacher.  He's sweet and respectful and has good manners.  He loves learning.  His life really just could not get any more exciting.  I love that about him.  An extremely common phrase emerging from his lips is, "This is the best day, EVER!"
I was excited for him, but also apprehensive.  I just prayed that it would be as good, as exciting, and as adventurous as he has been dreaming.  I found myself praying my little heart out in the days leading up to the start of school.  Please let him feel confident and secure.  Please help him make friends--good, nice friends.  Please don't let anything happen to hurt his little heart.  Please help him be nice to everyone.  Please help him listen and pay attention.  Please let this be as great as he is hoping...  I understand that challenges and learning to find one's way is a necessary part of life.  I just don't want that part of life for him yet.  I don't want anything to burst that boy's happy bubble.
I helped him pack his backpack with all of his new, colorful, school supplies.  --We had spent a day together the previous week shopping for new pencils, markers, paints, folders, lunchbox, backpack, and the works.  He was beside himself all day.  He got me to himself and he literally would have completely jumped out of his skin or had a heart attack had he been any more excited that day.  It was too cute and I was smiling from ear to ear (and almost crying) all day.--  We got in the car and drove 3 miles to school.  I listened to him jabber the entire way.  He was ecstatic.
We got there right on time...or so I thought.  Apparently the bell rings 5 minutes earlier than I thought.  Seriously, have I mentioned my self-proclaimed nickname is "Ball Dropper"?  We got out of the car and I had a lump in my throat watching him pull my arm and run to the door, with his gigantic backpack bouncing against his legs.  We walked into the school and found his class.  He let go of my hand and ran up to his teacher to say hello and give her a hug--of course he was the highlight of her day! (He is his Mama.)  Then, it was like he remembered I had come in with him.  He turned to me with the biggest grin, ran to me to hug and kiss me, "bye Mama!!!! I love you!!!".    Bye Buddy, you have the best day, EVER, okay?  "Okay Mom!"
I quickly turned to leave and felt my eyes burn.  I am that mom who cries when her baby goes to school.  I am surprised I only cried for a minute.  My heart hurt, but felt so happy at the same time.  He is blossoming more and more, finding his own way, and he is confident and happy. 
School could not be going any better.  Kaden acts like I'm a celebrity when I pick him up.  He runs to me excited to show me everything he's worked on that day.  When I ask him what his favorite thing of the day was, he always says, "Everything Mom!  Everything today was so great!".  I'm still aching in my heart a little.  I miss that kid so much.  I miss his presence in our home, but I think about him all day long and imagine how happy he is.  He is where he needs to be.
Every morning when I drop him off, he leaves me at the curb and runs the entire way to meet his class.  He holds his arms out and twinkle toes his way, backpack bobbing up and down.  Why does this make me want to cry?  It makes me so incredibly happy, and hurts a little, all at the same time. 
  He is spreading his little wings and flying.  I couldn't be more proud of that precious little boy.


Robin's Ramblings said...

Lump in throat because I can barely stand the adorableness. What a wonderful happy attitude he always has!!!

Stefanie Ruth said...

Wow...That is SO awesome that he's loving school so much, and life in general. What a cool kid!

I also can't help but be nostalgic about standing in front of that very building with you, Natalie, and Melinda....Do you think that tree is still filled with gum?

How the time flies!!

Jess and Matt said...

stef! I think they hired someone to take all that gum off. What a job...kinda sad too!