Thursday, September 13, 2012

humbled by a 5-year-old

It was one of those mornings that is just a bust from the beginning.  We got up too late, I had to get myself ready for work, while also getting the kids ready.  Matt was sort of on his own and I kept reminding him to eat breakfast and pack his lunch.  We scrambled out the door and I got the kids buckled, knowing Kaden would get to school 3 seconds before the bell rang.  I was about to pull out of the garage when I realized I had forgotten the bag with Beckham's clothes and diaper. Yep, we were running so behind the poor kid was still in his pajamas.  I ran in the house to get them and realized Matt had gotten distracted.  I got annoyed.  I was already feeling bugged by the morning and that sent me over a little and I snapped at him. I felt bad but I ran out slamming the door behind me.  Exasperated, I got in the car and put on a little smile for the boys.
You did a good job getting your school stuff ready this morning.  I'm sorry we are running behind, Kaden.
-Did ya forget somethin, Mama?
Yeah, I did. 
-Was it your patience?
Yeah, I guess I forgot that too.  I'm sorry.
-Oh it's okay Mama, you'll find it again soon. I'm sure of it!
What a sweet little boy.  At first I felt bad.  Actually, I was already feeling bad for being so grumpy and I was pretty sure that my day started off wrong and would probably be tainted.  Then I thought about what he really said.  His innocent little remark made me think.  It was up to me to find it again.  I decided to make the day good and forget about the rough start to the morning.  I felt so happy thinking of my little boy all day; his quickness to forgive and forget and see the happiness in absolutely everything.  I needed his sweet reminder and his unconditional love this morning.  My day did turn out really good, and I thank him for it.

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Lacy said...

I shared this post with Ace and we laughed together. What a smart boy Kaden is. Too funny!