Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Good ol' Bar D Chuckwagon

Last weekend my "Nonie", uncle, aunt and cousin came for a visit. It was so fun having company. We went to the Bar D chuckwagon. It's a night of great food and entertainment. There is a group of "cowboys" who sing, play the guitar, do funny acts, etc. and it's pure enjoyment. We got there early and visited the little shops and enjoyed the beautiful, sunny, evening. That of course led to picture-taking. I might have an unhealthy obsession...

The whole gang

Ahhh, how pretty. The flowers I mean...

Kaden love, LOVES, choochoos.

Isn't it sad that he didn't even have to adjust the straps to fit his teeny, tiny, skinny body? He's 6'2" and wears the pack about as small as it goes.... It was nice to take a break from carrying the giant baby (a term of endearment, of course), so I'm not complaining.

I really think he is possibly the happiest child on earth.

I love how Kaden's head just looks like it's floating.

Michaela say's that the villain isn't too convincing with a baby on his back. I am not sure Kaden wasn't in on the whole deal in the first place...But, I am pretty convinced, if this were a real scenario, the dinky train would hit me, derail, and fall on it's side.

Matt's advertising for his What a huge smile. That must be where Kaden gets it from. It went missing for a while there when he was relearning everything. I love it and am glad that its back.
When the wranglers started to sing, Kaden wanted to dance, run around, and do everything humanly possible to stay awake. So, we left our table and stood to the side where he could get a little more wiggling in. He was overtired, and trying so hard to compensate, I could have sworn someone gave him a pure caffeine IV drip. He was so crazy, and of course I was laughing at him, so this encouraged his behavior. Needless to say, my arms were in serious distress and chronic cramping by the time the show was over.
The night was wonderful and it was so fun to all be together. We are a little family, but a close one.


Kara said...

That looks so fun! I love the Bar D! I haven't been there in years, but I want to go now! You guys know how to have fun- and I'm sure that's where Kaden gets his huge smile, cause you're always smiling and happy and so is Matt! You're so good at documenting it all.

Jodi Jean said...

holy moley ... looks like fun was had by all!!

Dan & Ashley said...

What a fun fun night! I LOVE the BAR D. I'm so glad you guys got to go. And don't worry, you can NEVER take too many pictures!!! WE love them all! Miss you guys!