Saturday, August 2, 2008

My sister and I....

I LOVE my sister. We are kindred spirits. Yet we have also always been very, very different. She was always artistic and liked her alone time growing up, while I was very outdoorsy, athletic and the social butterfly of the family. She had quite the red-headed temper (and THANKFULLY, completely outgrew that), and I knew how to quietly push her buttons and send her into a rage (usually cuasing HER to be the one getting into trouble. My parents eventually learned that I was the one to blame...). As we grew up, we became closer and became the best of friends. The blessing and curse of living 20 miles from school served to be something that catalyzed our friendship. We had to leave the house by 6 AM to be to seminary every morning. That 30 minute drive to school is one of my fondest memories. We would grab our breakfasts and dash out the door. While eating in the car, we would listen to the newest songs on the radio, singing at the top of our lungs, and talk as sisters, as friends. Even though we were completely different, our bond became indestructable, and has only grown exponetially as we've entered into our adult lives.

I am thankful that we are close. We have been through a lot together, and alone, but no matter what either of us is experiencing at any time, we are always really in it together.

We can laugh and be goofy. She can make me laugh more than anyone could ever dream to, and often I find myself in tears at her silly antics. I LOVE it when she calls me, or when I can by some miracle actually ge a hold of her. We talk and laugh for hours, and no matter what, she always brightens my day. She truly is a ball of sunshine, to say the least.

I LOVE my sister.
It's interesting to me how people either think we are practically identical, and very obviously sisters, or they can't see a resemblance and would never guess we are sisters. (Then they get to know us and realize that we ACT the same...haha.)
So now, I am very curious to know, what do you think? Whether you know me, Michaela, or not, please let me know.
1. Do we look alike?
2. Who looks older?


Jodi Jean said...

i can totally tell you are sisters! i think you look ALOT alike ... not twins, but definately related. and i refuse to guess who is older.

my sister and i bonded while driving to seminary as well, and then got super close after she got married (then i moved away to go to college ... we totally should have really been friends earlier!!) she still is one of my FAVORITE people and would much rather hang with her than most people!

Tiffanie said...

jess, you're so beautiful. You and your sister are so cute together!

Rencher Fam said...

Jess,I was excited to hear from you! I have been reading your blog too!! Your little guy is getting SO big. Whenever I see Craig and Kara they always tell us the cutest stories about Kaden. I can't believe its been a year since the wedding-time sure flies. What a cute family you have too...and do you ever look bad in pictures?! You should be a model!

Anonymous said...

Yes you look a like, but also different. I think you can for sure tell you are sisters but definitely not twins. I have always thought that she looks older (sorry McKayla, spelling?). You are both beautiful and funny and I love you!