Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lake Day

We spent an afternoon at the lake during the reunion. We had lunch, rode bikes, and played in the water. Kaden was in Heaven, water and other kids to play with, the best of both worlds.

Little puppy dog lapping up the water. He's so funny the stuff he comes up with.
James is 4 months younger than Kaden, and Kaden just loved him. Too much maybe. Whenever James would cry, Kaden would go hug and kiss him, rub his back and say, "s'okay". It was too cute. I LOVE Jame's super curly hair.

Little piglet. He is obsessed with eating by himself and using utensils. He trys to eat everything with a spoon or fork...including apples.

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Tomber's Heaven said...

How cute is your little boy! Oh my goodness, what a doll! I'm glad you had fun! I sure hope Matt's okay though! What a bummer!