Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Maybe it's cursed.....

To get to our family reunion, we drove right by the spot we had our accident. Brian Head is only about 15 miles from there. I am not superstitious, but upon finding this out, I just had a yucky feeling-I never wanted to go by there again. Despite this, I was excited for the reunion and had been looking forward to the various planned activities.

On Friday, the 2nd full day there, Matt's aunt came down to our cabin and said that Matt had fallen down the stairs of the other cabin. I felt bad for him, but wasn't too concerned, because he does fall occasionally and he's always pretty tough about it. This time was different. Apparently everyone in and out of the house heard the HUGE crash and thump, thinking an ice chest was falling down the stairs. I went up to see how he was, and he was just sitting in a chair looking miserable. He wasn't really able to move at all and he looked like he was going to faint. He said his back hurt, so we took a look and it was already very bruised. I couldn't even touch it he was hurting so bad.

After a few hours, he was still in a lot of pain and unable to move hardly at all. We knew something was wrong because he couldn't even eat his dinner! We decided that for peace of mind we needed to take him to get checked out to make sure he didn't break something. Traci's husband Dave, and the other priesthood holders gave him a blessing and we were off. We were sad that we missed the Shakespeare play everyone else went to.

I felt so bad for him. Every turn in the road hurt. He was trying to be a good sport, but I could tell he was truly miserable. We got to the Cedar City emergency room and they still had us on file, and got us right in. The hospital was all too familiar; it was surreal being there again. After a few tests and xrays, we were relieved to find out that it was "just" a strain, and deep bruising. He has been pretty sore since, but is feeling better daily and will be back to normal soon!

He also got his arm pretty good. Poor guy.

He was such a good sport, and so friendly to the nurses.


allisonlaurel said...

Bummer! Feel better soon, Matt!

Team Avarell said...

Oh that is terrible but I am glad it was a strain and not anything worse!! I hope he gets better soon!!

Jodi Jean said...

bummer, but at least he didn't break anything.

KTLADY said...

Poor Matt! We hope he feels better soon! You are such a sweet wife.
It was so nice to see your precious family at Meredith's reception!