Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I met up with some of my girls today to do some shopping. What an adventure. Between the three of us, there were 6 kids under four--quite an undertaking. I am sure people saw us coming and ran for their lives, rolled their eyes, or prayed we would leave. Considering how long we were out and about the kids did awesome. We took them to BIG BOUNCE after the boring shopping spree and let them completely exhaust themselves. Aside from a few serious meltdowns from my own child, it all went off without a hitch.

I made the mistake of buying Kaden a train ornament for the tree. LIKE he would actually allow it to hang on the tree. What was I thinking? He had to carry it throughout the store, ended up dropping it and breaking pieces off before we left, and insisted on fixing it then and there. Upon finding this would not be possible, meltdown ensued.

I put the train in my purse so he could go play, and he cried and cried because he wanted to bring it with him. No matter what I said to try to calm him or explain the reasoning, he just got louder and more frustrated. I was SO mad at him! It is so disappointing when you do something you think will be so awesome for your kid and all he does is cry! Finally, he managed to forget the train momentarily and joined the other kids in the "bouncy castles."

I can't believe how stressed out he got over this train. Should I be worried? When he came around he was the sweetest thing and I felt guilty for being upset. I hate feeling guilty! He really is such a sweet, well-behaved, polite little guy. I guess he has a right to get bent out of shape and have a complete breakdown every now and then. Oh, I love that kid.

What a fun and exhausting day.

Kaden got me to participate. It was actually a LOT of fun. We moms might have had almost as much enjoyment as the kids.

No fear from this guy. He launched himself off of everything.

Glad we had such a great time. Glad the day is over.

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brittany said...

how in the world did you just have a baby???!?!?!?!