Thursday, November 5, 2009


We went up to Mom and Dad's house today. Kaden has been begging to go for days; he loves it there. I took on the massive challenge of cleaning our car...yikes. I am actually embarrassed. I haven't wiped it down or vacuumed it in ages, and it was DIS.GUST.ING. Seriously, gross. Crumbs from crackers, juice splatters on the door, finger schmears on the window, a dead bee under the back windshield, 5 pair of sunglasses (3 of which were broken), lots of chapstick and lip gloss, change (I made a few bucks cleaning under the seats), gravel, pine needles, dust, a little Toby hair, melted get the idea. SICK. I had no idea it was that bad. Cootie infestation....but at least they were our cooties. I am so proud to say that it is now shining, sparkling, and cootie-free. Oh, the sweet satisfaction I have. I almost felt as good as I did after I ran a half-marathon. It was that great of an accomplishment.

John-Isaac entertained the little man. Kaden idolizes that guy. JI has an incredible model train up in his room, and Kaden just waits for the chance to go up there and watch the action. It's so cute how much these two love each other. The jury is still out as to who is the more train-obsessed one.

This totally looks like an engagement photo, but who cares. I say we look good together anyway. Matt's had a lot of time off work lately because the scheduling at Walmart is ridiculous. I guess I understand they need a computer to do all the work, since they have so many employees, but honestly. I am so sick of calling his managers and coercing them into fixing it (to accommodate the bus schedule). Part of me feels like I shouldn't feel entitled to whatever we want, but my mom so kindly reminded me that we deserve this, because in reality, this set of circumstances isn't what we really want. That's what moms are for, to make you feel better. My mom has mastered this task. I just get so frustrated having to fight for what seems like everything. There I go again, wanting it all my way.
And will someone please come and remove all of the delicious candy from our home? I have a major sweet-tooth and next to NO self-control. I need help. That help will come in the form of someone removing the temptation. I can't just get rid of it myself. Like I said, no self-control. Just come over when we're gone, and steal it. I give you my permission. Thanks.


Susan said...

I need someone to come steal mine as well. I told Kirk he needs to hide it from me. Same problem, NO SELF CONTROL. Cute pictures, looks like you took the time to enjoy this beautiful weather.

grant + brittany said...

oh i bet it felt so good to get the car clean. its crazy that it can really get so dirty. so fast. i just barely cleaned ours and the floor mats don't even look like they were vacuumed. ridiculous. anyway i totally felt like your accomplishment was my own!

Suzanne said...

Ha ha. love the engagement photo. I'm having the same problem at my house with the Halloween candy. Thanks for the reminder that I need to deep clean my car. I hate cleaning it!