Monday, November 2, 2009


What a fun Halloween we had! I think it was the best one ever. Holidays are 1000x more fun with a little, rambunctious, overly-excited child. He was ecstatic with everything we did. We took advantage of all of the fun things going on around here.

Friday we went trick-or-treating in downtown Bayfield. The weather was perfect and it was so fun to walk down the historic street. Everyone made such a big deal out of Kaden and he ate it up. He was thrilled to be a tiger, "raaaaarrr!". His sweet little, "tick or treat!" and "thank you" melted my heart. He is such a polite little guy.

I love, LOVE the chubby tiger bum!

Sweet baby. I love his cozy little giraffe jammies. He was snug as a bug all day.
On Halloween we went to a new development in Durango for the Fall Festival. They had blowup bouncy castles, music, free food, trick-or-treating, playgrounds, a fire engine, face painting, and happy little kids in adorable costumes everywhere. I loved that it was during the day. It was so warm and nice to be out.

This is one happy kid.

Nana with the babies. I feel SO lucky to live close to my mom. Kaden is absolutely in love with her. She is so fun, creative, and loving. Kaden and Beckham are such lucky little kids to grow up with her as their Nana.

Trunk-or-treat! I am so proud of my mom! She got mugged as a kid on Halloween and it pretty much scarred her for life. Really, she did. Some scary big kids came and beat up her brother, pushed her down, and stole their candy. Quite traumatizing for a little girl! She is coming around though and went all out this year! She even had a strobe light.
I think we really look alike, and I am happy about that.


Kara said...

Kaden made the cutest little tiger and I love that picture of him from behind with his tail swishing. Beckham was just as adorable and I'm glad the weather cooperated for Halloween and it wasn't too cold to take the kids out for some fun times. You and your mom do look a lot alike and I'm glad she's able to enjoy Halloween again after such a traumatic experience

Bonnie said...

Their costumes are really cute. I love that they are both jungle animals.