Friday, February 19, 2010

every story whispers his name

I had heard several recommendations for the Jesus Storybook Bible, and now I am here to say that it is wonderful. It is so darling. The illustrations are beautiful, the stories simple, and the edition we got came with audio cds and the narrator is awesome. He is so entertaining and fun. We've been reading and listening almost every night and Kaden is so entranced (actually, we all are). He asks to read it multiple times a day. His favorite is Noah's Arc. He loves the big boat, the exotic animals (he now knows the anteater, newt, toucan, baboon, cheetah...) and feels sad for Noah when the people were mean to him. It's just the cutest thing.

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grant + brittany said...

you got me all curious now about this, it sounds perfect! i want to get one!