Tuesday, February 23, 2010

monkey business

Sometimes I feel like I live in a zoo. Kaden is a good boy, but he is so full of energy I can't seem to keep up. He climbs on everything, jumps from things (dangerous things like gliders, his big car, tall things that should not be jumped off of), runs around like he has a caffeine and sugar drip i.v. and has a voice much too big for his little body. He is so much fun but so exhausting sometimes. I try to channel his energy into good things. We've been going to the gym every day and they have an "active kid care" where he gets to run amok for over an hour. Some days, we go to tumbling tots, where we run, jump, sing, and play some more. Today, we went on a 3 mile walk after our gym adventure, and he walked/ran/jumped over half of it. He loves to run. He turns around every 5 seconds to say, "momma, I so fast!" He is.

We fought over his nap again today. It's been happening more and more lately and I am terrified. I often count the minutes until nap time. When he does nap, he sleeps for over an hour, but when he doesn't he is a little pill. He was a pill today. Having meltdowns over the silliest things, whining, whining, whining. I have no patience for whining. We had to get creative today to make it until bedtime. Or I should say, I had to be creative, so that I could make it until bedtime. We'll start fresh tomorrow.

We did take some silly pictures. I had just finished running and had the remnants of yesterday's makeup on. I have spit up on my shoulder and drool on my arm. I'm a pretty sorry sight. That's just how days like today look sometimes.


Traci Barnes said...

Some days are like that.. but at the same time it doesn't get better than that! I am sad I didn't get any pics while I was there. They are too cute!

Sara said...

oh my gosh jess, you look so skinny and great. you're boys are so adorable. good luck with your running!

me and you plus two said...

I have the hardest time with whining. I would rather listen to crying than whining. Those boys have a such a good momma though!

grant + brittany said...

your freckles make me so jealous you have no idea. beckhams overalls are sooooo cute! you are such a good mom.