Sunday, February 14, 2010

little loves

Valentine's day has always been special for me. My dad is always gone singing valentines all day, so my mom makes it special. It's always been such a fun family day. It's a day to celebrate love in all of its forms. The boys looked so cute today so I tried to snap a few pictures. It didn't work out too well as Kaden now refuses to look at the camera for more than half a second, and Beckham kept looking at me as if to say, "mommy, what are you doing? please save me, NOW." Kaden is overly affectionate to say the least.

Both so happy in this one; I love it.
Last night we had a little family date. We went to our favorite pizza place. It's such a cute little family owned place and the ambiance is so fun. Matt seemed a little down so I asked him what was up. He usually works on Saturdays, but ended up having it off. He was sad because he said he wanted to get me something, but had forgotten he didn't have to work and didn't pick it up. He was so bummed thinking he had bombed Valentine's day. I didn't expect a thing, but he was so sweet about it, that we ran into town so he could pick up the surprise. I waited in the car with sleeping kids and watched him march in. A few minutes later he came out the door, carrying a bouquet of daisies and lilies (my favorite), and had the biggest grin on his face. My camera wouldn't focus until he got all the way to the door, but this was the look he had the whole way from the store to the car. I was so touched by his happiness to get his wife something. Just watching him walk out, swinging his arm and leg out the side like he does, with that big grin brought a few tears to my eyes. I can sometimes get overwhelmed and impatient and occasionally forget how much I really do love him. I really do love him, so, so much.
This picture just tickles me to pieces. Kaden crinkles up his nose when he smells things and I think it's hilarious. He keeps me laughing all day long.

Happy Valentine's day. Maybe the day is overrated like some people seem to think it is, but I think its so great to have an excuse to shower people with fun things, with love, chocolate, flowers, kisses, the whole bit. I am obviously a sentimental, mushy, and sappy girl, so I say celebrate love every day.


Brooke said...

So cute and sweet! You really are so blessed with the guys in your life! I love how you always put things into such wonderful perspective! You are definitely someone to emulate!!

grant + brittany said...

i love you. and i feel the EXACT same about valentines day! that picture of matt and his happy face is just priceless. how sweet, i love seeing these pics and reading all about your valentines day. your words are so beautiful. i wish i could go find that same striped outfit that beckham is wearing. its so cute. oh and i love kaden's crinkled nose... so funny!

Nicole Wood said...

I just used the squish-face as my desktop photo - SO cute!!!