Friday, February 26, 2010

six months

So I am going to post a bajillion pictures again, but I can't apologize for it because seriously, the kid couldn't get any cuter. I am in love with baby boy number two. Wow. I can't believe how different the little guys have been. Kaden and Beckham have very similar easy going temperaments, but other than that, they are night and day. I used to be so worried about having another baby. I was scared that I wouldn't love another one like I love Kaden. I was worried that if I did love another as much, my love for Kaden might wither a bit. I was afraid that Kaden wouldn't get enough love or attention, or the new baby wouldn't get enough. Everyone kept telling me that my heart would just grow to love them both and I couldn't understand. I understand now.
This little boy melts my heart. He is slower with his motor skills, but it makes him seem little to me. He is barely rolling over and when I hold him, he doesn't want to support his own weight. He just tells me that is my job. He loves the jumper though and just bounces and bounces until he is tuckered out. He is content almost always, but I can see he has a temper. When Beckham is mad, he is mad! He chatters and giggles and smiles nonstop. He thinks Kaden is hilarious and watches him all day. I think my favorite thing about him is that he is a snuggle bug. He rests his head on me when I hold him. He melts into me and will be content to be a little blob. Kaden always had to wiggle, move, face out, hold himself up, etc. and I always wished he would just settle down and cuddle every once in a while. Because Beckham is so cuddly, I hold him every night after Kaden is in bed. Matt and I always go to bed and read or watch a show, and Beckham has been cuddled since the day he came home. Now, he is spoiled rotten and lets me know that my job is to hold him until he falls asleep. I am perfectly ok with this.
Beckham is attached to me. Sometimes he fusses when others hold him and the minute I pick him up all is okay in the world. Sometimes it is inconvenient, but it's nice to feel so loved and needed. His eyes follow me wherever I go and when I turn to look at him his face lights up, he kicks his legs, waves his arms, and grins from ear to ear.
Little mister is 17lbs even (50th percentile). He seems huge, but I think it's just because his noggin is big. He's got a lotta weight in those yummy, irresistible cheeks of his! Happy 1/2 birthday sweet baby.


Tiffany said...

I love sitting behind your little family at have the cutest boys!

Dan and Ashley said...

Oh Geez that little boy of yours is BEAUTIFUL!!! He seems like the sweetest little guy and I love seeing all the pictures of him! Makes me feel like I know him, even though we are so far away. You are one lucky Momma and he is one lucky little boy to have you! We love you guys SO much!!!

Lisa and Rustin said...

You have the cutest boys!!