Thursday, February 4, 2010

he liked it

Yesterday this little munchkin had cereal for the first time. He hasn't really seemed hungry or interested in our food, but he's been waking up hungry in the night so hopefully a little more substance at dinner will help him sleep all night. I wasn't able to give Kaden enough by nursing and he was ravenous. He wasn't a day over 4 months when we introduced him to food. He inhaled it. Beckham seemed to really like the stuff and swallowed it like a champ. This might make things easier for people who watch him for me, since he is such a bottle snob.

Oh, and speaking of being sentimental (last post), I am sad about Beckham's hair. He is so cute bald, and it's growing back quickly, but when I look back at pictures from a few months ago I miss that full head of soft, dark hair. It will be back soon; I'm sure. I am in love with those deep blue eyes and hope they stay so dark and beautiful.

I think he liked it.

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Nick Lindáh said...

beautiful children you have, they are photogenic, and this lovely photo of your wedding