Thursday, May 6, 2010


We had a fun weekend celebrating Matt's birthday. The weather didn't cooperate with my original plan, but we made the best of it and now we have plans for my birthday! My mom watched the boys Friday and we went to a hilarious movie and a nice dinner. It's fun to get out just the two of us. We laughed so hard, ate until we were stuffed, held hands, and Matt even let me eat most of his delicious piece of chocolate cake. Saturday we went shopping for a much needed new wardrobe for Matt. I will not comment on how naughty the terrible/wonderful three-year-old was, but the day could have gone better. We still managed to have a few really good moments and I hope that the next time we plan a fun day as a family, we can actually go through with all of it instead of cutting it short (way short).

Matt is proudly sporting the "Fatherhood Badge of Honor". A little spitup on the shirt we didn't notice until after we left. We're really classy.

Happy Birthday Handsome!

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Diane said...

Happy Birthday Matt!