Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my little lazy bum

This little stinker is such a lazy guy. He rolls over when he feels like it and when I put him on his tummy he immediately rolls to his back or just lays his head down and sucks on his hand. When I hold him up to stand on his feet, he lifts his legs up giggling and smiling at me. I guess he figures if I am holding him there is no point in him having to do any work. I think it's funny. He just doesn't seem to have the desire to get anywhere. If something is hard he just gives up and is content to lay around. Maybe he gets that from me. I don't see him walking until he is 15-18 months old. I know he's got the muscles though because when I put him in the bouncer he jumps and jumps and squeals with delight. I have a video of Kaden at this age; he's crawling up stairs and walking around a coffee table. It is just crazy how different 2 little boys from the same parents can be. I was a little worried for a while, but after talking to a lot of other moms of multiple children, this is just the way it is sometimes. Beckham's doctor says it's partly that he was over 5 weeks early, has a big noggin, and it's just his personality to be so laid back. He showed us that when he laid in the NICU for 2 weeks. He had pep talk after pep talk, but he was on his own schedule--and dubbed the "poopie preemie". I actually am loving that he is so cuddly, loves to be held, and I don't have to chase him around just yet. I'm in love with my lazy bum.


gin said...

what kind of jumper do you have? it's cute!

grant + brittany said...

this is hilarious. what an adorable lazy guy. how fun that they both boys are so different. my friends baby is so chunky and cute and i just wish he would hold still so i could hold him and squish him and kiss him all day long.. but he won't let me because he just wants to crawl around everywhere.... so you are lucky!

Robin said...

I am in love with his mellow self too. His Uncle Bud was a lot like that!