Thursday, May 13, 2010

trash boys

I love that Matt has always been clean and organized.  He always picks up after himself, our boys, and even me.  He is always good about putting things in their place when he is finished using them. I have never had to pick up wet towels off the floor, or put his clothes away. One of Matt's quirks is that he is obsessive about picking up trash.  He has missed the bus a few times because he is cleaning up the parking lot, or our neighbor's yard.  He will roll down the window in the middle of winter to throw a tiny pebble out of our car.  It is bordering on ridiculous.  Once Kaden was saying our prayer at breakfast and he said, "Please bless daddy to have a good day at work, picking up trash."  We both got a good chuckle out of that one.

This little obsession is wearing off on our boy.  The other day my mom and I were hurrying to get in the car after a little shopping at the mall.  It was unbelievably windy so we were rushing. Kaden all of a sudden starts running down the parking lot, freaking out over a paper that is blowing away.  It scared my mom and I and we chased after him.  "Oh no! I hafta get that trash! It's blowing away!"    He freaks our when trash blows away in the wind; he actually will have a meltdown over it. I guess he makes his daddy proud, even though it can annoy me sometimes.

Matt is the trash man at our house.  He always makes sure the trash gets taken out and never lets the cans get too full. Kaden loves to be a helper and always goes with Daddy to take the trash down the street and back up after it's been emptied.  Those trash boys are cute, even if I do roll my eyes in exasperation sometimes.

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That is so cute!