Tuesday, May 18, 2010

sunny sunday

On Sunday we went to the lake with some friends for a cookout. It was a beautiful, sunny, perfect day. I'm excited to go back over and over.

Kaden was a crazy man playing in the freezing water. He got soaked and muddy and was freezing so we changed him into his extra clothes. He got those soaked and muddy. Then he just ditched his clothes all together (post below) and ran around like a little aborigine. I just don't understand where all of his energy comes from. He runs and runs and never seems to tire.
We've loved hanging out with Jamie and her cute family. The kids get to play every day at the gym and when Jamie and I run on the weekends. It's so fun to have lots of friends here both for the kids and Matt and I. I have been so spoiled getting to stay home these past 9 months with my little munchkins, having a free schedule to socialize and play when I want to. It's going to be quite an adjustment if and when I actually do have to be responsible again. Actually, that probably should have happened about 5 months ago, but like I said, I have been spoiled.
Hurray for summer. I am so excited for more adventures--even if I do have to get a little more responsible.

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