Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wink eye

K: Mama, am I going to go play at Brandon's house today?
M: Not today because Brandon is sick.
K: Whys Brandon sick?
M: He has pink eye.
K: Why he has wink eye?
M: Because his eye is hurting and red.
K: Whys his eye is hurting?
M: Because it got infected.
K: Why it got fected?
M: Because germs got inside and made it sick.
K: Whys Brandon got germs in his eye?
M: Because he caught it from another kid with germs.
K: Why did he caught germs?
M: Because kids are sometimes germy and dirty.
K: Mama, am I gonna get wink eye?

Typical conversation with my almost four-year-old. I answer about a million why questions a day. What's his name? What's hes doing? Wheres hes going? Howcome hes doing that? Why?, why?, why?, why?! I love his desire to know everything but it's tiring trying to come up with answers that will appease him. He will not ever take "I don't know" for an answer. Ever. He just keeps saying, "tell me mom, tell me!" over and over. So, I get to make a lot of stuff up. I have fun with it. We've come up with some really great names for people. Maybe that is why he has recently named his stuffed elephant "Boyza". Where on earth did he come up with that? Kaden is so fun.


Erin said...

Haha, I recognize those conversations. Grant is starting to love the "why" game too. Your boys are adorable by the way!

Nicole Wood said...

Oh my goodness! thank you for the laugh this morning.
I have a co-worker with a 2-month old who won't sleep. I shared this story with him (things to look forward to). We had a good laugh.