Saturday, November 6, 2010

when it's warm in november

The little boys and I spent the entire day outside. It was gorgeous. We set up camp in the driveway with a blanket, toys, chalk, bikes, snacks, and whatever else we deemed necessary. I cleaned the car and intermittently played. After making my car look like new, Kaden and I decided to tackle the garage. He was my little helper and he felt so big. I didn't even make him take a nap. He was sweeping, carrying stuff, throwing trash away, riding his bike, and running around like a crazy man. Adorable. He was perfect today. No whining, crying, or nonsense. He said funny things, had manners, we pretended all sorts of things, and he was my pal all day. There is no one I would rather spend a sunny Saturday with.
Kaden still comes up with the most hilarious things. A few of my recent favorites:
Hey momma, why are your legs so prickery and freckery?
M: Hey Kaden, will you please put Special Blanky on your bed?
K: Sure boss! He has called me boss repeatedly since then, and it really is so funny.
He also calls me the Bomb Dot Com whenever I do something he thinks is awesome or funny. When he says "thank you" he often says, "Thanks Mom, you're the best!"
He is so protective of his little brother. Beckham was throwing a fit today and I told him he was being ridiculous and his behavior was completely unnecessary. Kaden piped in, "Momma, he is just a baby and it's okay if he cries. He is just very frustrated. He just wants his Momma. Hugs him Mom." So sweet.

Beckham is just the cutest thing in the world and it's a good thing because he is so feisty! He took a three hour nap today though and was happy as can be.
I love days like today when we have no agenda. We just play and enjoy each other. I feel like a million bucks because my garage looks amazing and my car is spotless. I love that the little people were so happy and seemed thrilled to just have a day with mom.
I love these boys. I love these boys so much.


Traci Barnes said...

I am glad the boys were corporative and helpful. I watched Ruby, Mccoy, and another baby so that the 3 couples could go to a dinner and movie for Craig's birthday. I had forgotten how much work it is. Thanks for being such a great mom to my grandsons.

Jess and Matt said...

I'm trying, Traci! :)

Stef said...

I am dying from the cuteness! I can hardly stand it. GREAT pictures.

Lisa and Rustin said... are such a cute momma!!
And your boys are just the cutest!