Monday, November 8, 2010

i guess we know who's gonna be the grumpus

Maybe it was a little mean of me to take these pictures while Beckham was throwing his tantrum, but there is really nothing else I can do. I can't believe this little guy. He is so feisty and throws full blown back-arching, leg-kicking, head-throwing, screaming, shrieking, crazy tantrums. Sometimes it's nearly humorous but it is also quite frustrating. What do you do to teach and discipline a 14-month-old? I try to tell him no and ignore him. I just walk away and let him get over it. He gets over it pretty quickly, usually, when he realizes that he's not going to get what he wants by acting completely ridiculous. I feel bad for him too though, because I think that so much of his frustration comes from just being so far behind physically. I think his mind is miles ahead of his body and physical capabilities that it just frustrates him so much the only thing he knows to do is wail, fuss, and let the world know he is very unhappy. He threw a crazy fit in Target the other day because I wouldn't get him out of the cart. I had to hold his head because he was going to seriously injure himself. It was actually a little embarrassing because that kid is LOUD. I hope this is mostly just a phase because it's actually making me a little nervous. There are a ton of pictures, all taken in about a minute, and posted in the exact order taken. I think he seems bipolar.

Like I've said before, it's a darn good thing he is so cute and cuddly because he can be a handful. His sweet side is SO sweet. His hugs and kisses melt me and he's the cuddliest baby around. He's Mr. Snugglemunch and the Grumpus.


Team Avarell said...

If you can figure out how to get those tantrums to stop...please share your trick with me!! I don't know what to do with Jax when he acts like a little monster. There are tantrums galore over here, so maybe our boys need to get together so they can have loads of fun hitting, kicking and screaming together :) He is such a cutie though! I love Beckham's little expressions!!

Lisa and Rustin said...

LOVE these pics!!
Look at all those faces!
Cute cute!

Traci Barnes said...

Hmmm...must be related to my kids. Celebrate the good and ignore the bad (when you can). Gabe was very grumpy yesterday (track proactive, wrestling practice, had to wait in the rain to get picked up, too much homework) and taking it out on the Mom. I ignored it, got him a snack and waited. About an hour later he apologized. Kids do grow up.

denise said...

Jess- you are a good momma and the little man knows he's loved and you are doing the best thing by not giving in. With time, its gets better