Thursday, November 18, 2010

layin' low

We've all had our turn feeling yucky this past week. We're up to our ears in runny noses, coughs, sore throats, and droopy eyes. We've spent a lot of time just laying around. Laying in bed reading books. Laying on the floor making a pathetic attempt to play. Laying on the couch coloring pictures. Laying around watching movies. Laying around taking pictures of ourselves laying around. Are there an unnecessary number of pictures posted? Yes, but I love them all. Even though Beckham is pictured so much more lately, it's only because Kaden is too busy rolling around, flashing cheesy grins then fleeing, or making a goofy face. It's just too hard hard to get a good picture of that boy these days.

Beckham might just be a little couch potato. On the very rare occasion I turn on the tv he actually gets giddy and excited, then goes into a complete trance. I have loved the snuggles I've gotten all week from those cute little boys. Even wiggly, wild Kaden has been so cuddly.

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