Thursday, February 3, 2011

at home, inside, because it's freezing out there

It was a frigid 19 degrees below zero when I took Kaden to school this morning. To me, after it gets down to 0 degrees it all feels the same. It was so cold I felt like my joints were freezing in my body and I drove with only my finger tips touching the wheel. We all shivered in the car making our "cold noises". It was beautiful though. The cold air formed little crystals on everything. The sun was shining and everything sparkled. Kaden had fun watching his breath come out like "smoke". I got to work just as my car was starting to feel warm.

I had a short work day and after Becks and I picked Kaden up from school we went home and hibernated. The boys wanted warm baths. I love watching them play in the tub together. Poor Beckham gets pushed up under the faucet and bobs against it as Kaden creates a tide pool.

We read storied and took naps. I cuddled up next to Kaden in his bed. I think I want to move into his room. It's the brightest and sunniest and I feel so happy in there.
Kaden painted his wooden train we bought the other day. He loves to paint and he was so excited about this little project. I remember how fun it was to do things like this when I was little. Even though it makes a huge mess, it's worth it to me because he is being creative, having fun, and I get to enjoy it almost as much as he does.

We cleaned up and moved into the living room. We made a mess in there. Kaden built tracks and more tracks. That boy builds tracks and plays with trains all day every day. He never gets bored of it. I sat on the floor and let Beckham climb all over me and smother me with his slobbery kisses. He says "I love you" unprompted and I can't get enough of that. I took so many pictures of them just sitting around looking adorable, and I admired what cute profiles they both have.
Sometimes when you are chubby your shirt doesn't like to stay down. All the time, when you are Beckham, your shirt doesn't like to stay down. I turned on a baby einstein and Beckham was in a trance for a solid 30 minutes. He is already a couch potato.
Kaden is obsessed with his "cozy" pants. He refuses to wear normal pants when we are at home. He will wear jeans or corduroy to school or town, but the second we get home he races to his room and puts on his cozy pants. He asked for them for his birthday and has about 5 pair now that he pretty much lives in. He's a silly boy.

Then Kaden made the giant tower of pillows where he played king of the mountain all evening. It only fell over onto Beckham a few times.
Despite the cold and having to be couped up inside it was a perfect day. I love days like this when we can just play and enjoy each other. I didn't accomplish a thing on my to-do list and I feel so great about that because I would have missed out on the special day that ended up happening instead.


Robin Randolph said...

Sounds like the perfect mom/kiddo day. You're the perfect Mom, they're the perfect kiddos. :)

Tara said...

Who can blame him on the cozy pants issue?! I race into mine whenever we are home too :)