Tuesday, February 8, 2011

it's a process

getting Beckham to move. It took him forever to be motivated to move anywhere. Once he mastered his walker he discovered that there are things to explore everywhere, cupboards to be opened, toys to be found, and mischief to be made. He's mastering his little army crawl and when he sees something he wants, that look of determination on his face is priceless. He's getting stronger and faster and is so much happier now that he is on the go.

He thinks about it for a minute and gears up, eventually getting to his feet.
He discovers baby einstein playing and gets completely sucked in. There was no tearing him away.
He is making progress but sure has a long way to go. I wonder how my back is going to feel when he is two and I am still lugging him around...

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Leslie Kirk said...

I know exactly what you mean! It's a little tough watching them be left in the dust by babies half their age, but it just makes each new accomplishment that much more special. We definitely celebrate the small things around here :) PS- I think we might have the same physical therapist...love her!