Thursday, February 17, 2011

the silly things they do

I've been getting a little bit frustrated with Kaden, and with myself, lately because I feel like he just isn't listening to me. I don't think he intentionally ignores me, but he is in his own little world half the time. He is also in a phase where he thinks whatever he want, no matter what, he gets. It's so frustrating trying to explain things to him, getting him to share, and teaching him he can't eat sugar all day every day. It can be completely exhausting. Beckham is in a screeching, screaming, yelling phase. It's funny sometimes, but it also gets old and I am constantly telling him to stop screaming. He knows what he wants too, and thinks he should be entitled to whatever it is.

I was feeling a little tired and questioning my mothering abilities when I started to think about how funny and cute they are. I was thinking about the fun things we do, the wonderful moments when I actually do have Kaden's attention and he is being sweet and obedient. I went through some pictures and found a few that are just so funny to me. I smiled so big while I looked at these. Those boys are characters that's for sure. They drive me nuts sometimes, but the happiness and laughter they bring me makes up for it a million times over.

Kaden tells me I'm the best quite often, and this particular day he was pointing at me and I captured the picture. He's a big fan of mom. He is also always doing goofy things in front of the camera and if he does smile it's super cheesy, so I decided to help him out a bit. Even though he is getting tall (seriously, look how flippin' tall he is!) and skinny, he still has some squishy cheeks that I can't get enough of. And I also think it's a little weird that my face, and only my face, is blurred out in this picture...

Kaden likes to wear my stuff. He was so funny when he put that hat on and it pushed his ears down. He reminded me of Fivel. Then he put a little red bow on it.

I love the giant hat, cozy pants, and little car covered in sticky notes.

Beckham is so funny in his crib. He actually likes to be in there and half the time I don't even know how long he napped for because I usually hear him playing and making sounds in his room. I never really know when he wakes up. He always says, "nigh nigh" when I lie him down and I love that. For a long time, his crib was in the room with the computer. If I was on he would go to the end of his crib, pull the bumper down and peek out at me with the biggest smile and say, "HI!". I loved it and he looked like he was in jail. He still peeks out of his crib since he can't pull up yet, and I think he's got two little perma-bruises on his forehead from the slats.
Sometimes when I don't get him out he gets upset.

The boys love to brush their teeth. It's so fun to watch them in there together brushing.

"This is how it's done."
Beckham loves to be naked and gets positively giddy when I take his clothes off.

Kaden is a little muscle man. I really can't believe how strong, agile, and defined he is. I don't think he looks like a little boy. He really is like a miniature man.
I was laughing at him making chicken wings...or trying to flex his muscles. Again, in his cozy pants.
I guess Becks also likes to model headwear. We were packing for a trip and he insisted on wearing the helmet.
Then he found a scarf and thought that would be even better. He was so funny with his scarf hat waving hangars around and squealing.
He also loves the phone, or anything that looks like one. He holds it up to his ear and says, "hi low!" over and over.
And sometimes, or most of the time, by mid-afternoon my living room looks like this. Pretty impressive. But, despite the never-ending messes, tantrums, and frustrations, these little people forgive me when I blow it, and make me smile and laugh day in and day out. It's totally worth it.

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Robin Randolph said...

It's only been 5 days, but I miss them!!!