Tuesday, February 1, 2011

mornings with becks

I am loving the mornings that I get to have Beckham all to myself. I think that he likes having me all to himself, too. When Kaden is at school, Becks and I get to play. He sits on the counter while I get ready. Playing with all of my stuff, brushing his teeth, jabbering nonstop. He sits on the counter in the kitchen while I make us a smoothie. He sticks out his tongue and begs for a sip, "muuuaaah! pwees! mweeee?!" It's so funny the way he asks for more in his cute little high pitched voice. He is always animated and talkative, but when it's just the two of us he takes it to a new level. He mauls me with his kisses and hugs and high pitched squeals. He has free reign of the toys. No big brother stealing things, hoarding, and giving him the rejects. He has physical therapy on Tuesdays and I think it is safe to say that he has finally made friends with Diane. He gave her the biggest grin when she came in today and said, "bye bye Dinaaan" when she left. He loves praise. He gets so excited,--kicking his legs, giggling, waving his arms--when we make a big deal out of his accomplishments. Today he started saying "good job!" and clapping and waving his hands whenever he would do anything he thought we should be praising. It was a crack-up. Kaden loves school and it's so good for him to be away from me, socializing with other kids and learning new things. The three hours Becks and I have are always a treat, and it makes me smile to see how happy Kaden and Beckham are to see each other when we pick big brother up after school. Kaden runs to us and Beckham smiles and says "hi" and "Bubba!" over and over, and every time they just wedge themselves further into my heart. I really feel like it's already exploding with love. Is there really something special about a relationship between a boy and his mama? I know that every mother-child relationsihp is special, and I know that if I had a girl I would feel the same way about her, but these little boys are so beyond special to me and I love them so much I can't imagine anything different. I am so happy that I have two little boys.

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