Tuesday, February 22, 2011

it's that time again!

That time when I come out of hibernation and tie sparkly white laces on a new pair of stiff shoes that need breaking in. It's that time when I download all the latest and greatest upbeat tunes onto the ipod. The time when I recruit anyone and everyone who will come with me. The time that I didn't realize I missed so much until now.

It's the time to run, for FUN. I wrote this last year, about how my little heart and legs just long to run. It's a favorite past time and something I am loving once again. I am excited for another go at a few half marathons, and maybe a relay and dirty dash here and there.

Every year in the spring, the minute I step outside a wave of nostalgia sweeps through me. I am completely brought back to high school and college days of running and it makes me so happy. I'm still a has-been, but I am loving (almost) every minute of it. I just don't know what my favorite part is. The fresh air, the endorphins, the accomplishment, my team, who knows. I love it all.

I am running the Moab half again with Jamie this year. The most recent excitement is that 5 friends and I just signed up to run a 70 mile relay in May. It's the red rock relay and I am psyched about it. We are going all out with car decorating and team uniform. It's going to be awesome. GO TEAM!

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