Friday, August 26, 2011

he's 2!

Two years ago this precious little boy made his surprise debut into the world. He started out so tiny and helpless. He had black hair, didn't open his eyes for two days, laid in the NICU like a slug for two weeks. He came home on oxygen and slept 20 hours a day. He was like a floppy rag doll. He grew pretty fast. He never cried, and his big beautiful blue eyes were always glued to me. He followed me everywhere I went with his gaze. He was a little snob and wouldn't drink out of a bottle. He wouldn't drink pumped milk. We bonded and spent many hours together just the two of us. He has been slow to hit physical milestones, which has made him seem smaller, longer. He's always been cuddly and always wants his Mama. I cannot even explain the love and special connection this baby and I share. It is not any more special than my bond with Kaden, it's just different and I love that.

Beckham is big now. He's grown and learned so much. He weighs almost 29 lbs, talks constantly, and it's obvious he always thinking and learning new things. He loves his brother. He is feisty and knows what he wants. He is two. He has grown and changed so much over these last two years. It's been such a joy to see his personality unfold, to see him hit milestones that have been such a challenge for him. This boy has me sufficiently wrapped around his fingers. I am so in love.

Last night we sat on the couch and watched the Backyardigans. Such a cute show. He loves it and sings along. He had just exhausted himself when it was getting dark and I drug him off the trampoline kicking and screaming "wanna jump!" He cuddled with me for an hour straight. I caressed his cheeks, kissed his head over and over, and played with his chubby little feet. I was in awe at his perfection and my heart nearly exploded with love and joy.

Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful baby boy. Beckham, I love you so, so much!

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