Sunday, August 7, 2011

lake day

On Saturday we decided to head up to the lake for a picnic and some splashing around. Kaden was so excited to play he didn't even want to eat his lunch. The place I wanted to go was a little crowded, but we found a pretty good spot. The water was a bit murky and there was tons of mud, but the boys were in Heaven. Toby was so happy. Matt and I loved sitting on the beach watching everyone running around so happy and free. The perfect little family outing on a Saturday afternoon.

Beckham and Matt sat on the shore forever just throwing rocks and splashing. Beckham was giggling uncontrollably. He never got tired of throwing rocks and watching them splash. Even when the water got him right on the face he thought it was hilarious. Kaden floated around in a little raft for almost the entire time. It has leg holes, so he just waded around where he could touch. I had to practically force him out of it when it was time to go.

I love impromptu stuff like this. We just decided to go and went. It wasn't that much work and the fun we had together was perfect. The weather was perfect, the water felt great, and it was so fun to be together, just us. I need to do more of the last minute stuff that I sometimes dismiss because it seems like too much work and I don't feel like I have the energy for it. Stuff like this gives me more energy because seeing my husband and kids happy, feeling sun on my face, and being carefree is always worth the hassle, and in the end wasn't a hassle at all. It's always worth it. It's almost always refreshing and energizing.

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