Tuesday, August 2, 2011

maybe he can't jump, but...

Sometimes I feel a little sad and wonder, who's going to teach the kids to throw a ball? Who's going to take them on manly camping adventures? Who is going to throw them around and make them tough? Then I realize that maybe that stuff isn't really that important. They will learn how to do all of that, and more, and it doesn't really matter that much that Matt might not be the one that helps them conquer those things. I wish he could be the one, but when I think about what he is capable of, and very involved in, those things almost seem inconsequential.

Matt loves to teach our kids things. Sometimes I find myself saying, Babe, he's only 4! when Matt is teaching Kaden about how a light bulb or battery works, or the complete detailed inner workings of a car--the engine, pistons, etc. He loves to teach them about the gospel, about how to be a good and honest person, about anything he thinks about. He reads to them, plays with them the best he can, loves them unconditionally, and tries his hardest to do whatever they (or I) need help with. He talks to them openly and honestly and they idolize him.

He lays on the floor and lets them climb all over him. He does wrestle with them in his own way. It's so fun to see them interact. On Sunday while I was working on dinner, he took them out to the trampoline. I heard so much laughter out there. I peeked out and it was one of the cutest scenes. A daddy with his boys, giggling and playing. My heart melted. He was bouncing them, they were bouncing him, Beckham was climbing all over him; it was precious. I hurried and grabbed my camera and attempted to capture a piece of the magic. I would have never dreamed 6 years ago that this scene would be a very real thing in our life. I never would have anticipated such a full and joyful time with my husband and kids. It's okay that he can't chase them full speed, that he can't throw a ball straight, that he can't hike a 14er with them. The things he can do are more amazing, still so special to our kids and to me, and I consider it a privilege to get to spend this life with this man, to see his incredible influence and humble teaching of our children. Who cares if he can jump?


Rebecca, Lance, and Acadia-Rose said...

Jess, those pictures made me tear up. I'm so happy that your boys have such an amazing father. And you're right, it doesn't matter what he can't teach them. What he can is so much more important.

Wendy said...

Sometimes I have the same thoughts and worries. You and your family are an inspiration!