Monday, August 15, 2011

little hiking buddy

Last weekend after our little lake day I took the boys up my favorite trail. I carried Becks in the backpack and Kaden hiked all by himself. It was his first official hike. He is so cute and funny. He loved every single second and was so proud of himself. It was like hiking with a dog. He was running ahead, jumping off the trail, climbing on rocks, and checking out every single thing. He was noticing things and paying attention to what he saw, the things he heard, and really soaking everything in. I was filled with joy watching him explore. That kid has so much energy. We went over two miles, a lot of it uphill and rocky, and he kept right up. He ran most of the way, back and forth, up and down, and never seemed to tire. He kept saying, Mama! I'm such a good little hiker man! ... I am so fast and strong...I'm not even tired, Mama!

On our drive back we stopped at a natural spring and filled water bottles. Kaden thought that was the coolest thing. The water comes right out of the rock and tastes SO good. Clean and pure. When we got back to my parent's house, where Matt had been helping with kitchen remodel, Kaden was so excited to tell Daddy, Nana, and Papa all about his hiking adventures. He was so proud of himself. I am going to love having him as a little hiking buddy.

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