Friday, February 22, 2008

Just a few random, recent ones....

Just thought I'd put up a few recent pictures. They are kind of random...but you know you want to see them!

Last week we ventured up to Utah to see Matt's fam and I got to go to my friend Katie's baby shower. It was so fun to see my old roommies!

"Hey mom! Look what I found, I am so sneaky...." Couldn't quite get Matt to smile for the camera. Kaden's wiggling, squirming, giggling, and crazy spasms might be pre-occupying him....

He is going to be such a studios little fellow....
Of course...we already think he is the smartest baby around.

All of those extreme athletics and studying really tend to wear a little guy out.....time for some shut eye.

Sometimes we carpool with my friend Angie when we got to the gym. The boys go to active kid care where they dance, chase each other, play on jungle gyms, and have a schmogaspord of toys....needless to say, they are more tuckered out than we are! Kaden and Teryk just couldn't survive the ride home.

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