Friday, November 21, 2008

Funny Faces

On Thursday Matt and I watched our friend's kids. Susan and Kirk will be our neighbors and they have helped us out in so many ways. We are thrilled to be able to lend a hand when they need something. We had the best time with Michael, Olivia, and Emily. I just wanted a picture with all of us, because I really love these kids, but they thought it would be fun to goof off, dress up, and play with the, we did.

I love, LOVE their funny faces!

Michael looks like his eyes might just fall right out.

This is an awful picture, but Emily let me braid her hair. In fact, I think she loved it. She just kept climbing back into my lap and cried when I left her room. She is such a sweet, SWEET, little girl. I loved cuddling her and talking to her the other night.

By this time we totally had the giggles. I was running back and forth with the timer on the camera and the kiddos were so hyper. Matt and I were laughing so hard. I think we might have even been having a better time than they were.

After our dress-up extravaganza we laid out a blanket and ate dinner in the living room. Susan might never want us to come back after the complete wreck we made of her house. (I didn't even get it cleaned up in time when they got home, tisk tisk!)

Matt and I had such a fabulous time with these kids. Susan, can we come back?


Susan said...

Hey you had fun without me! Thank, thank you for watching my kiddos!!!! It looks like you had a blast. You can come back anytime, we love you guys. I am feeling better, finally!!!!

Tiffanie said...

Holy cow. You go all out when you babysit! Looks so fun!

Nicole Wood said...

who baby-sat Kaden while you were baby-sitting?