Monday, November 10, 2008

Cookie time

I have so many fun memories of growing up. My mom made life so fun for us. One of my fondest memories is baking cookies with her. She would set up two chairs, one for me and one for Michaela, and she'd adorn us with her aprons. They would dangle to our ankles and we felt so grown up. We got to help measure, pour, and we each got a big spoon to help mix and stir. When I knew it was a day to cook with mom I would wait around all day, becoming completely worthless, until it was time. When Mom called us in, we'd run full-speed into the kitchen to make our delicious treats. I so badly wish I had pictures of us in our long aprons helping mom.
Kaden is a little young, but I thought it would be fun to give it a try. Lightning McQueen joined us, of course, and we had our first little date making cookies. We made a complete mess and ate a lot of dough, but I had the best time. I think the process was much more enjoyable than the finished product (which was delicious, I might add). I am excited to re-enact some of my favorite pasttimes with my own little one, and even come up with some new ideas of our own.

The best part was seeing Kaden smile really big and saying, "cookie, cookie" over and over. His little voice and new vocabulary just kill me.


Jodi Jean said...

wow, how ambitious ... how did he do. i know my aidan would just want to make a big mess. hmmmmmm.

Robin Randolph said...

You brought back some fun memories!

Gina Rochelle said...

I just posted a video of my lil people in their ankle-length aprons helping make cookies. One's a boy but his voice is high enough to be a girl so maybe it will help you relive your childhood memories :) Musta been a good week for cookies.