Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Michele sings like an angel

Last week Matt's aunt Michele Baer came to sing at our stake. I had heard her sing before, but her musical fireside presentation was absolutely wonderful. They had a nursery so I didn't have to wrestle with Kaden and could just listen to the music. I could have just bawled my little eyes out if I let myself (I hear all of your gasps of surprise. It's a medical condition; I have overactive tear ducts...). The spirit of that meeting was tangible, warm, and so peaceful. I loved every minute. I am so happy she came this whole way and we got to see her. Her message was truly inpsirational. She is such a humble and gracious person. Beautiful inside and out.

Leave it to my little piglet to smuggle brownies, cookies, candy, cakes.....I lost count of how much he ate. I tried to keep him away, but every time I turned aroud he was grabbing at something else. So, I went to all of the tables and moved the desserts out of his reach. He is a smart little bug; he went behind my back and waved his arm at the yummy stuff, while sticking his lip out and giving little whimpers to the unsuspecting minglers. It was pathetic; they all gave in to him. He is a charmer and if I didn't know any better I would have succumbed to that cute face too.

Please visit Michele here.

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Nicole Wood said...

Awesome zebra print belt, Jessica!