Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Blog....my virtual outreach program

So....I am back to it. Petitioning for prayers, but come on, can you resist helping out THAT cute face?!?!?!?! That's what I thought...so here it goes. This time, we are getting specific. I am too lazy to do a whole post, so here is the email I sent to my moms. They have magical prayers that somehow manifest blessings like nobody's business. So....read on, and PRAY on!

Holy cow mom, I am just so excited about this I had to write you an email RIGHT NOW, even though I know you won't get it until the morning. I have been praying SO HARD that the right and perfect match would come about for Matt's job. I have been thinking so hard and looking through the paper every day, waiting for something to hit me. He didn't get that electronics job at Walmart, and they were thinking he should be a greeter. Or, a bagger at Albertsons. Maybe I am too prideful, but I just keep thinking he can do something more; he is more capable. Although, I would be happy for him to get anything right now and I am sure there is pleanty of time to work up to bigger and better things.
Tonight I had an epiphany, lightning struck my brain! I saw something in the paper about a computer tech needed in Ignacio schools. So, that got me thinking and BOOOOOOMMMM! KABLAMMM!!! POW!!!!! I thought of a brilliant idea. Well, at least it seems brilliant at the moment.
Remember when I was in high school and was helping tutor special needs kids who needed one on one help with reading, math, etc? It was super easy stuff; they mostly just needed help focusing. We read together, did worksheets together, and they just got more attention they needed. Other times I would grade papers, make copies, etc.. What if we went in and talked to the people at Bayfield Elementary school, to see if Matt could be a teacher's aide?!?!? He could totally float the whole school and I am sure at least ONE teacher would need him while he was there. He could be on duty during recess and lunchtime, and just do whatever anyone needed him to do. I am totally getting excited about it just picturing it! Literally, an epiphany. The greatest part, is that ******* is a teacher's aide there, she has more responsibilities, but she could totally talk Matt up and help him learn how to do it, etc. I am thinking this is the best idea.
I also am confident if we went in together and talked to the higher ups....who would that be?....and explained the situation, and that he needed to get paid, even if a little amount (I am sure this could be a volunteer position) they would look into our cute faces and just couldn't resist. Really, in all seriousness, I think seeing us in person would help. I am sure that the little kids that Matt worked with would just LOVE him.
I am wondering too, if you were to write a letter explaining his/our situation and the positive influence he would be to the school, his family, and himself, and if I wrote a letter, Matt wrote a letter, and Traci and Dave wrote a letter, maybe that would be helpful too. The school is only about 2 miles from our new house and I think that the bus swings right by it! Also, I am sure since it is so close, it wouldn't be hard to find someone to help us out if we were in a pickle.
So, what do you think? I just had to write you now cause I was so excited about it. Send your magical prayers up to Heaven!!!!
Obviously I can't take all of the credit for this. I can take little, actually. I know that the thoughts, prayers, and sincere desires of friends, family, and Matt have opened our minds. I know that our Father in Heaven is mindful of Matt, and of our family, and He knows just what we need. He always answers, ALWAYS.


k8e said...

Jess-you are my inspiration! I can't help but get overwhelmed with emotion as I read your blog! It's like I feel your emotions, I laugh, I cry, I'm grateful, I get excited! This is such a great idea! I think it would be wonderful! I got so excited as I read it! It's perfect!!

And don't you worry...the Rammells are praying their little hearts out! Like you said He ALWAYS answers our prayers!

Jodi Jean said...

that sounds perfect! he would be wonderful as a teacher's aide. of course we'll keep your family in our prayers.

susan said...

Matt would be a great teacher's aide. I know my kids would love seeing him at school and everyone there is just great! Good luck.

We will be praying for you guys.

Gina Rochelle said...

Your right, that face is hard to resist! He is so lucky to have such a dedicated wife that is so actively pursuing his best interest!

Rencher Fam said...

We'll keep praying Jess! You have such a positive attitude and so much faith. I admire you a great deal. I think that would be awesome for Matt and the school!