Thursday, November 27, 2008

The worst ever...

That's the kind of mom I felt like I was yesterday. My boy has been sick for over a week, with fevers and coughing like crazy. One night it was so bad I stayed up with him to make sure I didn't need to take him to the ER or something. He was using those accessory muscles to breathe which is never good. He got over that pretty quick, so we decided to wait it out. Usually these things resolve on their own, right?

I have been toting him all over the county as I go to work and try to help my parents out with finishing up our house. He is such an easy-going little guy. Other than being extra snuggly and a little droopy he's been such a good sport and didn't seem to be that sick. I felt bad for him not feeling well, but I have loved snuggling up with him and taking it easy. We stayed home from church Sunday, and it was such a fun morning. (I can see myself in the future letting my kids stay home from school so I have someone to play with, hah).

I had to work yesterday so I loaded him up in the car, mere moment after he had woken up. I could tell he didn't feel good and he was mad at me. To top it all off, he looked down right as I clipped his car seat and I totally pinched his lip. Driving to my mom's house I was wrestling with I cancel my appointments and take care of my child, or do I earn the money we need right now? I hate that feeling. HATE IT. I love my new job, LOVE it, but still find myself torn between too much, too often.

I got Kaden a Dr.'s appointment in the afternoon. So, I drove back up to my parent's house and carted the little man to town. The Dr. got a good listen to his lungs and said, "wow, I really dont' like that sound." She proceeded to inform me that he was developing pneumonia....PNEUMONIA!!!! I felt AWFUL that I had waited so long to get it checked out.

We headed to get the prescription and I proceeded to give him suckers, buy him 2 awesome monster trucks and choo choo pajamas, because that is what moms do when their baby is sick. I will continue to spoil him rotten until he feels better. I might just let him sleep in my bed until we head to Utah next week. Matt is already there, so I need the extra company anyway. Yes, I will let him sleep with me and I will give him everything he wants until he feels better.